Last Updated:  14, December, 2002

August 1955 Odon Indiana (Daviess County)

Two witnesses saw "three silvery discs" travel from the east to northeast at 20,000 feet plus for just a few minutes. No sound was heard.

Source: WUFOD

1989 Cory, Indiana      Time 10:00 PM       Duration:  5 minutes maximum

Received from WUOFD 11 December, 2002

I had this experience when I was college in Bloomington.  I can't be certain of the dates because it was several years ago.  It was most likely like 10 or 11 at night. I was on highway 46.  I was somewhere between where 59 intersects with 46 and Riley.  I believe that I was near the Cory area or approaching Riley.

It was a clear night and there was some moonlight as I remember.  So visibility in the night sky was good.  As I looked ahead on the left hand side of the road in the distance I saw a  ark object in the night sky.  I thought it was a low flying airplane.  But, it seemed pretty low to the ground and I couldn't yet make out any lights.  I was curious about this dark spot and kept my eye on it as I went down the highway.  The dark spot remained stationary and became larger the closer I got to it.  I could see the dark object wasn't far from the road on the left hand side.  As I got closer, I began to slow down so I could better see the object.  There were two cars in front of me and they also slowed down.

As I got closer to the object, I could make out the form - triangular.  I could even see white lights coming from what I thought were cockpit lights.  As I got even closer, I could see that these were rectangular windows at one end of the triangular object.  As I came right up on the object, I pulled off onto the right hand side shoulder of the road.  So did the two cars ahead of me.  I rolled down my driver side window and looked squarely at the object.

It was 300-500 yards away.  It was triangular.  It was dark.  It had white light coming out of the rectangular windows.  I seem to vaguely remember it had some other lights.  The object was hovering.  Actually, I don't think the object moved from the first moment that I spotted it.  It was only a few hundred feet up in the air.  It was large.  I've seen the stealth bomber at the Indianapolis 500.  I would say it was in that size range.

Up to this point, I was curious.  As I got closer, I became more and more inquisitive - I wanted to know what this strange thing was.  As I began to examine the object in a fairly close proximity, I became disturbed.  First off all, it was hovering.  That didn't seem right.  Then I realized that I didn't hear it making any NOISE.  At that point in time, I became afraid.  The two cars that had pulled over in front of me were quickly pulling back onto the road and so did I.  We all proceeded away at a high rate of speed.  I distinctly  remembering a feeling that what I was seeing - wasn't right.  

Investigators Notes: Two additional factors not included in the initial WUOFD report:   1) During the stop when the witness had a "clear view" (side window down), he could see a "figure" in one of the rectangular windows and was over come with a feeling of fear. Where upon he left the area at a high rate of speed in the company of the two vehicles that had stopped and pull off before him.  2) About a mile down the road pulled off the east bound lane was a group of vehicles, including a heavy truck, with people grouped around looking a what he presumed to be a map. Others in the group were pointing at the sky in the direction the witness had just come. 

WUFOD   I..2-305

6 January, 1990  Peru, Indiana  Time 10:00 PM  Duration:  1 to 5 minutes

Circle of lights over Peru, Indiana. Witness one adult. Description: surface dark, apparent size of basketball, external lights steady color of white and yellow with no color change, emission beam. Lowest altitude treetop with distance of 21 to 100 feet. Flight direction changed from west to southeast. Conditions: sky clear.

16/17/31 January, 1990  Fort Wayne/Grabill, Indiana  Time: 12:50 PM

A UFO flew over my car taking the exact path I was headed in. It moved at a steady clip. I slowed and opened my window a crack. No noise was heard. The UFO was turing slowly. I made a sharp left turn at an intersection. I turned left again toward Leo, Indiana and approached the same intersection again. The UFO flew over my car at the same angle as before in a straight line and did not turn as it head east-southeast with no altitude change. Approximately two weeks later I was nervous at bedtime and checked the window. I saw the same UFO trveling in a westerly direction at the same height. I saw a red light heading in an easterly direction at the same time. Report on file at MUFON (Witness name withheld by request.)

Conditions: Overcast/fog.  Duration: 30 minutes. Shape: None given, apparent size of a golf ball. Lights on bottom, circle of six to eight soft white lights. Large red light in the center.

March 1990 Near North Liberty

Four men in a car observe a 'strange lighted, disc-shaped object' for several minutes (about 300 yards away over a small wooded grove) which literally shoots directly at them while they were in the car.  The witness reports that two of them exited the car as a bright white light surrounded it; the object was above the car about 200ft, it was saucer shaped and had 3 pulsating red lights revolving clockwise and three pulsating blue lights revolving counter-clockwise. It was silent except for a very slight hum that was barely noticeable. They report being directly underneath this object for about 5 minutes when it projected a thin blue beam that was rotating in a circle around the ground.  This beam was moving for about ten seconds when it came to rest on the roof of the car. The inside of the car was illuminated to a bright blue and the two men remaining in the car were enveloped in this light, they were frightened and left the car.  The four then continued to observe the craft for about 20-25 minutes, before it pivoted very slowly on an incline from a stationary position and shot in upward and turning on a right angle assumed the position in the sky where it was first seen.  The object had 4 beams of light were coming from what appeared to be portholes. After the object assumed its original position it was another 5 minutes before these beams of light disappeared from the sky.

Investigator Stewart Hill, SSD  

Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director NUFORC

15 October 1998  Lucky Point 7:30 to 10:30 PM.  

Three witnesses observe orange balls of light "all over the place"; no pattern, no sound, a duration of 90 seconds each appearing "one after another". Black triangle appears in the northeastern sky - "big as a football field".  As is approached, work lights go out and all electric power machinery "quits" and would not start again.   Orange glow seen under the bridge over Kessinger Creek (ditch at Lucky Point).  Orange 'ball of light' rises and shoots to the black triangle, which begins to rise.  As it leaves the area work lights come on and all electrically powered equipment starts.

Investigation by Kerry Teverbaugh.

15 February 1999  2:03 PM at Lucky Point (southeastern Knox County)

For a duration of three minutes, a single witness saw a bright flash in the northwest.  A "silvery/shimmering disc the size of a 707 was then observed, with no sound.  The object "tipped" side to side and "traveled up and down in all directions." Moved in a figure-8 maneuver and disappeared back into the northwest.      

Investigator's Notes: Picture was taken. Some time the next day the witness was approached by three men in dark suits who demanded the print and negative taken of the object.  The three men identified themselves as employees of Indianapolis Power and Light and asserted that it was illegal "to take pictures of 'their' power-lines.  IPL was contacted and denied representatives were sent to the witness.

Investigation by Kerry Teverbaugh.

13 May 1999  Vincennes, Indiana   4:30 AM

While traveling east on US 50 east of Vincennes a single witness saw an orange ball with a tail above the tree-line.

11 September 1999  Fort Wayne, Indiana       9:45 PM. 

Two witnesses see a large luminous kite-shaped object with colored lights at ¼ mile distance, there was no sound.  One known period of missing time; also physiological effects felt by one witness.  

Investigation by Roger Sugden, ASD (North)

10 October 1999  Terre Haute, Indiana

Several nocturnal lights seen over the city.  The number of witnesses is unknown.  

Investigation by Stephen Hawker.

16 November 1999  6:30 to 7:00 PM, Seymour, Indiana. 

A 'number of witnesses' observed a "neon-green" orb "the size of a beach ball" in the east above the tree-line travelling to the south.

Investigation by Kevin Larrison.

MIB (Men-in-Black) activity at Lucky Point and Monroe City.  White vans and Jeep Grand Cherokees with (confirmed) un-issued license plates from out of state observed.  

Investigation by Kerry Teverbaugh.

View of North Liberty sighting location. The witnesses were located at the bridge shown in the center of this image. Wooded grove at the right is where object first descended to before shooting straight at them. The object would have been located directly above the bridge in this image.