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12 Feb 2002 Elkhart, Indiana (Approx 7:00 PM EST)

Reporting witness was driving southeast (about 35/40 mph) on US 33.  A K-mart, Taco bell and a Ponderosa are located on the right with the Concord Mall parking lot ahead on the right. The Norfolk Southern Rail Road out of the Robert Young Rail Yard runs south along this road on the left side. This is south of Elkhart Indiana, north of Goshen, near an area called Dunlap. The exact location was blurred to the witness since events happened quite quickly. Witness camera was a clever-cam digital camera and he was shooting out of the front window of a ford explorer. In the witnesses words:

          "I spotted a greenish light out of my drivers side wing mirror. I saw no other cars and
          thought this was a train coming out of the Robert Young Rail Yards and heading south
          towards Goshen. It became apparent that this object was traveling much faster than a
          train and had crossed the tracks and was approaching the road. I pulled out my camera
          and snapped two pictures as it crossed over my explorer, headed towards the mall,
          banking and rose out of sight. These two pictures were taken as fast I as could work
          the button. The object was not in a third frame as the top of the car was in the way.
          The object traveled mostly north to south and as a result passed over me from the left
          rear to the right front of my car. It was low but climbing fast. I would estimate it's
          height when it passed over me as about 100' high, about tree top level. I heard no
          engine noise but had a sense of immense power. It's hard to estimate speed but 400
          mph would seem right. As quickly as it got up and out, the speed could of been much
          higher. The object it self was dark, but seemed to be delta shaped. Maybe 15-20'
          long. Some claim to see the wings in photos. With it being dark, and moving fast
          and having nothing to compare it to in the sky, these are at best just guesses."

          "The weirdness of the scene was that it occurred about 4 or 5 miles north of a previous
          report from Goshen of a cigar shaped UFO. The fact that if this was a jet the noise of the
          engines should have driven me deaf. I heard no engine sound at all."

26 January 2002  Indianapolis, Indiana. Two Witnesses- male/female, Duration one minute.

Witnesses were a manager and a teacher respectively. Witnesses were traveling home on a warm Saturday afternoon with plenty of people around. Traveling west on 56th street, approaching and slowing for the College Avenue intersection, witnesses saw three triangle shaped objects flying "slow and low" in a southerly direction towards downtown Indianapolis. They were in a tight formation. One of the witness rolled down the car window to listen for noise but heard none. Check watch which showed 4:30 PM. Witnesses stated "Proceeded across College. Objects were so low we lost track of where they went." At first we both said "were they kites? It was 60 degrees out and many people were on the street. Some one had to see this beside us. We could not get this out of our minds. Objects were listed as golf ball size, triangular in shape with a dull gray lead silver surface. Witnesses names withheld by request. Thanks to WUFOD

Eds  Note: The following is the first of three similar reports on the same date and time from three different witnesses, two in Syracuse Indiana and a third in Columbia City Indiana. Columbia City is approximately 16 miles southeast of Syracuse Indiana. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director NUFORC.

Report #1

28 October, 2002 19:30 Syracuse, Indiana
They were blue white kind of a gray blue. Danced around each other, some times they followed each other, other times they just danced around, like they were playing. They would come together and go apart. Some times there were 2 and 3 and then there would be 6 at a time. Then at one time a really big one and the little ones kind of danced around the big one. we only seen the big one 1 time in about 2 hours time. They were fast. When we tried to use a camera the batteries acted like they were dead, so we went and called someone to bring a video camera and it went dead also. Very strange. We checked the batteries and they were working in a game boy after this happened because we thought they were dead but they were not.

The sky was cloudy and the lights just dance like they were playing with each other. It was weird. We have seen this not once but a few times. And on Saturday the 20th it was about 4:oo or 5:oo p.m. My nephew and son was standing out side and playing on the porch. they were looking up at the sky they started to yell so my mom went out side to look. It was light outside. There was this thing in the sky. It looked like lightening was coming out of the bottom of it. It was round in shape. It was there for about 5 min. and the lightening disappeared and then the thing disappeared real fast. She has never seen any thing like it before. She said it wasn't a plane or any thing like that because it moved really fast.

Report #2

28 October, 2002 19:30 Syracuse, Indiana
Oval dull lights - first there were two, one was flying right behind the other and flying in a circle then the back one caught up to the first one and there was only one. They then disappeared. About half an hour later they were back but not over the same spot and there were three of them. We watched them for about 10 minutes and then there were four of them. As we watched more appeared. Up to six of them. It was as if they were playing a game or something. they chased each other then would catch one and fly right behind it as if they were one. Once in a while one would shoot across the center of the circle they kept making. After about 15 minutes they then started to fly west of where they were then started to fly in circles again. this is happening right now as I am typing. Took  pictures w/digital camera but when I view the pictures you cant see them. When taking pictures my camera kept dying. I thought it was the batteries but when I just came in the house the battery sign on the camera said full.

Report #3

28 October, 2002 19:30 Columbia City, Indiana

This report was brief.

Circular objects that had white lights discovered near woods and field in sky. White lights in sky. All four in square position going around in circles. Near woods and field. They were all circular.

25 October, 2002  Time: 20:00 Hours. Duration: 31 to 60 minutes.

No location given. Two witnesses ages 12 and 13. Weather factors:- windy. Entity type: Human like, six feet tall, no apparel.

We saw something coming from over this big building behind our house. Me and my brother were about to go to sleep and I was letting the dog in. Then the ship landed, then something jumped out and ran into these woods behind our house. We locked all the doors and ran to one of our rooms together. The ship hovered there for one minute then flew away without the thing that jumped out. The next morning we went to look for the creature but we did not find anything. Now we do not go outside at night for anything.

Investigators Note: Despite an attempt to E-mail the witnesses there have been no responses to our inquires. For the time being this report must be considered a hoax!

Source: WUFOD
Images show object moving away to the south over the mall parking lot. Ground lights are those of the mall parking lot. Trapezoidal  lights below the object in images is an apparent artifact of  the camera lens and may reflect the shape of the object.
Thanks to the witness and to Filer's Files #17.
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