Updated January 26,  2004
Round Illuminated Ball                    Noblesville, Indiana                    

December 20, 2004

At Approximately 10:57pm 12-20-2004 I saw a comet like object fall from about 30-degrees from my vantage point to about 10-degrees. At that point it fell behind some trees.  I was letting my dog (Border Collie) in for the night. She was barking loud as to get my attention. I stepped out on the back porch shined my flashlight to see what she was barking about. When I saw her, I looked where she was barking and that is when I saw this object. It was no more than 100' to 200' away. In my perspective it was the size and shape of a basketball from that distance. It was bright in the middle with purple on the outer part of the ball and a tail in the shape of an ice cream cone. The tail was twice the length of the ball itself. The tail was orange-yellow and blue and showering yellow sparks. I never heard it hit.  I viewed the object for a full 3-seconds where it fell slowly down 30-feet (that is the distance I witnessed it fall). Like a bird landing. The temperature on my outdoor gage read 19.3 degrees, it was very clear and crisp. I was stunned at the sight of it and it was quite pretty. I stayed outside, darted around for about 30 seconds to see if anyone was around my property. I live Rural with several acres as well as do my neighbors. It did not look like any falling star I have ever seen. With the size it should have rocked the house and blew-up on the ground but yet it was going very slowly. I might add I was looking in the same direction my dog was looking for full couple seconds before the object popped into my field of vision, and not at the start but well in the middle of my view point, hence the popped into sight.

MUFON Report

Two Sightings of Strange Lights                    Romney, Indiana                    

December 3 and December 8, 2004

I'm a criminal justice student in Indianapolis and I had similar sightings on two occasions over the past week. On December 3, 2004, I was driving to Kokomo on State Road 26 at around 8:30 PM, when an orange burst of light caught my attention on a clear night.  It was like a dim star, which grew in size or intensity to about four times the size and brightness of Venus. Then another light seemed to grow near this one in the same manner, at about 10 o'clock to the original objects position. Then, the first object faded out followed by the second object in twenty seconds. After this happened, I noticed two objects remaining equidistant circle the area. From my position facing east, they started at the eleven o'clock position and moved to the two o'clock position, and then back again, from left to right. Once these two objects returned to their position, I noticed three other objects that converged in one central area of the sky. I pulled off the road to watch the orange lights that now totaled seven that were flying in all directions. They were about one half the brightness of Venus flying quickly while others seemed to maintain position. The objects intermittently flashed white and two objects kept the same distance between them, flashing at each other. One would flash several times for different durations, a quick flash followed by a long one. Once, there were seven objects all flying in random directions and one flew directly over my position lower than jet liners. The object that flew over me appeared to be triangular in shape and had three red areas that looked like the tips of a triangle. The outer points were the brightest, fading into black at the center. It resembled a piece of metal when a torch is held on one side until it gets red hot, fading into the opposite, cooler edge.  The objects flew random flight paths and then fell in line heading southwest at an incredible rate of speed.  I phoned my brother who was able to see them from Romney. The lights were seen again on December 8, 2004.

Thanks to Filers Files and Peter Davenport (Director, National UFO Center)

Bright Orange Lights Near Lafayette          (Second Report)

November 6th, 2004

NOTE: For additional sightings on this report see Message Board posting "Sightings In Indiana".

I was driving south on I-65 north of Lafayette, Indiana (probably about the half-way mark between Chicago and Indianapolis),headed home from a day spent in Chicago, Illinois, on Saturday, November 6th (2004), at about 7:45 or 8:00 PM EST (sun had long-since set) when this sighting occurred.

As we were headed south (I was driving, with one person with me in the front passenger seat and a third person in the right/rear passenger seat), they both saw a bright orange light to the east (then alerted me to it). It was followed by two other orange lights near it, then a fourth light. They dimmed out separate from each other, then one or two would flash again, either from different locations or there were possibly more (alternating flash sequences).  We couldn't see more than dim star-like lights after they were all dimmed.

This went on for about 4 or 5 minutes, and then we saw nothing more.  It did appear as if a few of them were traveling west very, very slowly. Either that or rising slowly upwards.

Unfortunately, we did not have a camera with us.

MUFON Report

Wall Of Light                 Pulaski County, Indiana

October 26, 2004

At approximately 9:30 p.m. I was traveling northbound on SR 39 in rural Pulaski County, Indiana. At first I believed it was no more then an oncoming vehicle with its bright lights on at about five miles away in front of me. As I continued driving it became brighter and brighter as I got closer but didn't seem to be moving. As I approached, it became a massive wall of pure white light. Getting within 20 yards I became scared and turned right onto a side gravel road. I looked back and it was gone. I was on the cell phone with my wife during the ordeal and refused to let her hang up. She was as upset as I was. She says the whole thing lasted about 3 minutes. My brother claims he had a similar experience a few years back within ten miles of mine.

MUFON Report

Lights Traveling Across Sky                    Red Key, Indiana

October 21, 2004

This phenomenon I am about to describe has left me guessing that I've seen a UFO. In early August we purchased a hot tub placing it outback of the house. Every clear night we have an excellent view of the night sky with the milky-way spreading half-way across the sky. As a small boy I've watched the night looking for satellites. Believe me I know the difference between aircraft (lights) and the steady straight and faster satellites.

The lights we see are sometimes very dim but we could follow them clear across the sky. For several nights we saw up to four of these lights cross the sky within ten minutes of each other. Two weeks ago I thought that a light heading north to south was a satellite but wondered about the two lights that followed fifteen and thirty seconds later, and each one slightly to the right of the original tract. That night I knew the three lights were true UFO`s. If not then perhaps it was the Air Force secret aircraft, Aurora. Several of us saw a similar show last fall at a fall night bon fire. Except that night three lights curved slightly toward the big dipper. Right after they passed another light crossed their path just like an intercept jet. I saw plenty of these in the Air Force when our interceptors supported B-52 bombers. I was in the Air-force from 1975 to 1979.

MUFON Report

Unusual Light in Sky                  Franklin County Indiana

September 11, 2004,

I walked out of my house at about 7:55pm and saw a light in the eastern sky at about 60 degrees from horizon. The object didn't look like any ordinary air plane landing lights. The first thing is that the object was moving away from my point of view, and landing lights are normally seen when the airliner is coming toward your point of view. The second thing that was strange about the object was the color of the light. It was a brighter white than plane lights and had a yellow and greenish aura around the white light. I didn't hear any sound coming from the object either. It appeared to be about the Same height as an airliner. Any other plane that comes over makes noise. I went in and got my wife to look at it and she got to see it. It could have been the space station in low orbit or a satellite, but it was about the same magnitude of Jupiter in the night sky. It flew a little slower than a commercial air liner in an east north east direction. It flew a path that was a straight line with no deviation. The sky was clear of any clouds and it was dark enough all the stars were visible. It would have been very hard to take a picture because it would have been just a point of light, but I did think about it. The object was about the size of grain of wheat at arms length could not tell what the shape was but it did seem round or slightly elongated. The duration of the sighting was about 2 minutes. Before the line of sight of the object was blocked by the trees around our house. Our home is located between Laurel and Buna Vista Indiana in Franklin County. Hope this helps out, but like most sightings they go unexplained. I am sure that what I seen was not a plane of any type, nor was it a planet.

MUFON Indiana Report

Objects with Air Craft                    I-74 West

October 10, 2004

My husband and I plus a friend were driving on that day in Indiana on I-74 West and took approximately 15 photos of 6 different objects in the sky which for the most part were just hovering. We then witnessed Air Force aircraft flying with haste to their position and from what we could tell one was shot down. There were approximately four Air Force aircraft on intercept. There was a plume of smoke after one plummeted and hit the ground. Even some truckers were honking their horns on the motorway as if to alert people to the sight.

This witness reported they never were able to receive their processed photos from the local processor.

Witness Reports Various Objects                 Peru, Indiana

During the summer of 2001, I was riding my bike on a country road five miles east of Peru and spotted a silver spherical orb three to four miles away to the southeast in a clear sky. I looked down at the road to keep from running off the pavement, then I looked up again and it was gone.
In the summer of 2003,  it was around 10:00 p.m. and I was going to bed. I decided to look out my window which is on the second floor of my house. I looked out to the northwest and over the ridge north of Peru I saw what looked like bell shaped object with colored lights rotating around the bottom changing colors in a specific pattern. I watch for several minutes and couldn't really identify it.
This spring 2004, I was on my back porch looking out to the northern sky around dusk, and I watched a white orb go from the western horizon to the eastern horizon in 10 to 12 seconds. It was the fastest thing I have ever seen. It had no trailing tail or anything that would indicate it was a meteorite.
In September 2004 I was riding my motorcycle 18 mile north of Peru and saw what looked like the fuselage of a plane maybe 1 1/2 to 2 miles south of me in a clear sky. I saw no wings, but thought it had to be a plane.  The reflection seemed white to silver. I looked down at the road and up again within maybe 2 seconds and the thing was gone. I pulled over immediately and scanned the sky and could not find it.

MUFON Indiana Report

Black Triangle                    South Bend, Indiana          St. Joseph County

August 15, 2004                    Sky: Partly cloudy

While watching a couple of turkey buzzards from my drive way Sunday Afternoon, I noticed a high flying object moving overhead to the northwest.  I thought, at first, it was amazing a buzzard could fly that high then it made an instant right turn to the northeast then north with out slowing or banking.  I ran into the house and grabbed my binoculars and ran back outside, it was still above slightly to the north.  When I got a good look at it, it was a black triangle wider than long, kind of like a hang-glider, with all red across the back.  It made some turns back and forth then stopped, hovered for maybe 15 seconds rotated in place then shot off to east like a Bullet.  When it took off, it was instant full speed with no noticeable Acceleration.  About 4 - 5 seconds later a commercial jet flew over going in almost the same direction.  The jet left a contrail, the object did not. Also, I could just hear the jet noise, but the object made none. It looked to me; the object was at about the same altitude as the jet just skimming the bottom of a small puffy white cloud.  The object also looked about the same size as the jet, a little smaller than my little finger nail at arms length.  I believe someone else had to have seen this being a mostly clear day with just a few puffy clouds.  I also believe the pilot of the jet must have seen the object.  The object was in my sight for most of about three and A half to four minutes.

WUFOD I..3-473

Silver White Disk                    Hammond, Indiana          Lake County

July 29, 2004

Driving north on Kennedy ave, I noticed movement in the sky. A balloon, I thought. Then I realized it was not a balloon when I saw it was flying against the wind. I tried to pull over but could not due to traffic. It was silver white and flew in a straight line from the NW to SE. I lost sight as it flew south and I moved north. I am an amateur astronomer and have seen many strange things at night, but nothing like this during the day. I am also a world war two researcher and I am constantly looking up during the day, looking for aircraft and at night watching satellites, stars, planets and meteorites. I have been doing this for 28 years and have identified unknown objects many times before. Objects such as military aircraft at night, fireballs, satellite and balloons.

Investigators Note: No other reports or unusual air activity was found during investigation.

WUFOD I..3-433

Strange Lights Reported          Amo, Indiana     Hendricks County

July 24, 2004

I take a walk whenever weather permits with my cats, preferably at night. I had dreamed of UFOs the month previously which caused me to think I would be seeing some soon. This is how my sightings frequently happened in the past. It was a lovely night and I was watching the sky as usual but not expecting anything peculiar though I love to see shooting stars, meteors, airplanes and satellites. I am quite familiar with local air traffic patterns and what goes on in my neck of the woods.

Amo is about 500 population and the cemetery has a round paved road so it is ideal for a walk and the south side looks out at open fields and countryside facing south. I was looking up and saw two dim white lights slightly larger than a star but much closer. One was over the other, slightly above. They moved in tandem as one very slowly, then after two seconds or so they just winked out completely. I see planes and helicopters all the time and know the difference. These objects made no noise whatsoever. This is just one report. 15 minutes earlier on the other side of the round walkway I saw what I thought was a meteor at first. It was a single dim white light larger than a star and closer yet very high up about 50 degrees or so moving from left to right again, very slowly. Then without stopping it lit up considerably and looked very intensely bright white and larger as a result, I believe of the intensity. Then it kept moving, grew dim again then simply winked out. How odd to see both these instances at once when I usually have sightings sometimes years apart. But then I had been asking to see them mentally and calling them so it did not seem like a real surprise. I am going out every night now that it does not rain and taking my camera and binoculars in case.

Many people I know here have seen things but are afraid to discuss out of fear of ridicule.

WUFOD I..3-475

Globes and Fighter Aircraft Appear Over Vincennes On Two Occasions

11 February, 2004; 8:15 PM                    Vincennes, Indiana
18 February, 2004; 8:25 PM

Vincennes:  At approximately 8:15 PM on February 11 a single witness saw three "globe shaped objects", pale orange in color and soccer ball size, fly west to east almost directly overhead. Five minutes later three fighter aircraft flew into the area from the northwest. The aircraft circled the area for twenty minutes before leaving. At 8:20 PM one week later on February 18, the original witness of the week before plus two other witnesses saw the same or similar globe objects fly again from west to east over the area. On the second occasion witness report the last globe of the group separated into two globe like objects of equal size and left two arches in opposite directions in the sky before winking out. At this point the three jet aircraft were seen again flying over the area for approximately 20 minutes.

Investigators Note: Globe objects were only visible for a few seconds. The Indiana MUFON Chief Investigator  placed a call to the 181st fighter wing at Halman International Air Port, Terre Haute hoping to learn the origins of the jet aircraft. A Major with the Indiana ANG unit stated that they had F16 aircraft up in their military operations area, which includes Vincennes, on the dates above. The two witnesses whom we talk to were intelligent and seem sincere. Since I live a short distance away from their location I can confirm the flights of three  jet aircraft were flying extremely low.

Investigator: Jerry Sievers FI/SD

High, Fast Moving Object Reported                    Carmel, Indiana

March 4, 2004          

I was looking up at the sky at around 12:00 AM when I saw in the south what at first appeared to be a jet flying EXTREMELY high. It was so far up I had to really look hard to follow its path. I have never seen a commercial jet or any other jet fly so high in my life. It also was REALLY fast- it seemed to just zip across the sky! It did not have flashing lights like a commercial jet does (like the usual white and red that is normally seen). Then all the sudden I saw a bright flash of a yellow/orange light (it appeared to be the object) and it got MUCH bigger in size. The object then went directly upwards at an extremely fast speed until it totally disappeared from the sky. This totally freaked me out! I know of no jet be it commercial or military that does that- let alone fly so high up in the sky. The size of this object could be compared to a star that you really, really have to look at hard and concentrate on to see it- it was that small. It was just a solid white light (like the smallest of visual stars) until it flashed the bright yellow/orange light and then went straight up and disappeared. 

MUFON Indiana Report