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Rectangular Object North of Indianapolis

Indianapolis Indiana
December 12, 2006  Time: approx. 3:10 p.m.  Duration: About 2 minutes.
Weather: Clear

Witness Account: I was driving on I-65 going east passing by the U.S. 31 exit. In the northern sky I saw an object rectangular in shape. It appeared to be pretty low, almost stationary. I could not determine its size but it was too big to go unnoticed.  It actually turned to the north, turning its back side (assuming) and then looked much thinner. It looked flat but sitting upright.  It had a light brownish color to it and was very slow moving. I would be very surprised if no one else saw it.  A friend I work with was about 3 cars in front of me so I called his cell to see if he saw it and he said yes!!!!.  I would have never thought of reporting a UFO, but I honestly could not explain what I was looking at. 

NOTE: We would be very interested if any one else besides these two persons saw this object. If so please E-Mail us (Use e-mail me button) Web Master

MUFON Indiana Report

Orange/Yellow Light in Sky

West Lafayette, Indiana
December 13, 20067:00 PM      Duration: 15 sesconds

I was travelling home from work along 600 N, a quiet backroad.  Suddenly a noticed a light off in the NE.  It was orangey yellow color and it seemed to explode, then quickly fade.  Four or five other occurances shortly afterward were seen, but below and to the left of the first light.  This had an appearance of a falling object, like a shooting star.  I was difficult to say whether it was one object or many.  It looked a little like a comet, except it was slow moving (if it was moving) and was not a constant streak. It could have been some kind of flare, if the USAF at Grisson are telling the truth.  However, it would have to be something new because I haven't seen a flare like this one.  
I have witnessed other lights that in no way shape or form led me to believe flares were responsible.  However, this case I could possibly believe that.

Sorry my descriptions are not very clear.  To the life of me I was struggling with how to explain what I saw tonight

MUFON Report

Black Square Object

Clarksville, IndianaSky clear with intermittent clouds, storm approaching from the west
May 28, 2006   7:30 PM EDTDuration: Several minutes

 I was visiting my close friends at an apartment complex in Clarksville, Indiana located across the Ohio River just north of Louisville Kentucky where I reside. We were outside in the patio area grilling hamburgers and hotdogs. I was standing facing East/South East. Directly in front of me less than a quarter mile away behind the adjacent apartment buildings Interstate 65 extends North and South. Myself, my friend and his brother were standing and chatting, and for no particular reason I glanced directly up and noticed a peculiar object that was unusual enough that I called my friends attention to it. The sky above was clear with intermittent clouds as a storm was approaching behind us from the west. We observed the object for 20 to 30 seconds before I suggested to my friend that he go retrieve his binoculars. We all agreed the object we were viewing was a black square. There was no frame of reference to determine the relative distance or size of the object from our vantage point. It appeared to be above Interstate 65. The object was moving very slowly straight up. Each of us observed the object through the binoculars as well as the naked eye, and the proportions remained consistent. The object was completely square, and lacked any surface details or features. There was no reflectivity or oscillation of the object. No markings, lights, or deviations from the square configuration. The object continued straight up and decreased in size as it advanced. It remained in view long enough for a detailed discussion on what it most certainly wasn't and what it could possibly be. The object in question was NOT an airplane, a helicopter, a blimp, a balloon, an insect, a black plastic garbage bag, a bird or birds, or a toy. The objects configuration did not adhere to established aerodynamic principles as I understand them. There was no sound emitted by the object. The objects surface again gave no reflectivity suggesting a non metallic surface. 

In conclusion, witnessing the object disturbed me. I consider myself a fairly informed, bright individual, college educated, and I witnessed something that I cannot identify or rationalize. I have a moderate understanding of aerodynamics, physics, astronomy, meteorology, and various aerial phenomenon, and this object defied any conventional explanation and has left me puzzled and mystified. The incident had a wrongness to it, as this sort of thing isn't something you are supposed to see in the sky in broad daylight over a major metropolitan area. Roughly an hour after the incident, I called Louisville International airport and spoke with the radar operator, to ask if there were any anomalous objects in Southern Indiana, or whether the military was conducting exercises, both of which I was informed were NOT the case. I have considered many possible rational explanations to satiate my curiosity, including the possibility of a local transformers electromagnetic field influencing perception, but three individuals witnessed the same phenomenon which precludes mass delusion to my satisfaction. I do wish to say that reading such reports or seeing it on TV over the years is one thing, but to actually experience such a bizarre anomaly firsthand is quite jarring, at least to me, because of the many implications.

MUFON Report

Marshal County Man Experiences Rare EM Event

Bremen, IndianaKosciusko/Marshal CountiesSky: Overcast at 9,000 feet elevation*
March 23, 20069:10 PMDuration: 8-10 Minutes

A Marshal county man driving on a northly county road experienced a rare electromagnetic (EM) encounter on March 23. The experience lasting approximately eight minutes involved a blue light in the western sky, the total loss of his auto electrical system and loss of cell phone communication:

I was driving west on county road 900N in Kosciusko County which is a road I often travel. At the time I was talking on my cell phone to my uncle when I noticed a strange blue light to the west-southwest sky through my windshield. At first I thought it was a plane. There has been a lot of large military plane activity in the area lately so I didn't think anything of it. As I drove down the road continuing to talk to my uncle and watching the strange light, I began to notice the light didn't appear to be moving. It seemed to be staying with me like the moon in the sky when you are driving at night. At this point I began to get this strange feeling and was telling my uncle about what was going on. I had been watching the light for approximately 8 minutes. I was now in Marshal County approximately two miles from State Road 331 when things really got strange. I was talking to my uncle and watching the light when suddenly my cell phone went dead. I looked down and my car FM stereo went from listening volume to nothing but static noise and all the gauges in my car were bouncing back and fourth erratically. Then my car totally electrically shut down. I hit the breaks and stop the car in less than ten seconds. I looked out the windshield for the light and it was gone. I jumped out of my car to look around the sky to see if I could see the blue light and there was nothing in the sky. My car at this point was back on as nothing had ever happened. All the lights and gauges were functioning normally and the radio was back on the station I was listening to at normal volume. My cell which I had thrown to the passenger seat was now back on and functioning normally. I immediately called my uncle back and told him what happened. From his end he said a very loud pulsing sound occurred right before the phone went to a busy signal. The time between calls was approximately two minutes. Needless to say I was really freaked out and my whole body was shaking at this point.

Later that evening I called the local police followed by the state police to see if anyone had reported any weird lights in the sky. I told them what happened and they told me that no one had called but that an officer would be checking it out. No other reports were made.

Due to the EM nature of this report the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) was lead investigation in this case. 
*Weather National Climatic Data Center
MUFON Report 

Bright Lights Stacked Up

North Judson, Indiana          Starke County          Sky: Clear with stars visible
March 21, 2006          9:20 PM          Duration: 20 Minutes

My son was working on in his car outside on March 21, 2006, when he came in the house at 9:20 PM, and said, "You have to see this!" I followed him outside and he was pointing at two bright orange balls, when two more lit up, then two more for a total of six. Then they all shut off together. Ten minutes later, He yells, "There they are a row of six bright orange balls lit up again. Then six more lit up that were closer and brighter for nine seconds and then turned off together. On March 22, I got home about 9:15 PM, and I saw only a few of them again.  

Thanks to Filers Files and Brian Vike

Bright Tracer Like Light/Lights In Sky

Lafayette, Indiana          Tippecanoe County          Sky: Clear with stars visible
March 22, 2006          9:15 PM          Duration: 20 Minutes

I was out walking my dog and saw a tracer bullet race across the sky, stop, and race six more times.  The round bright lights ended up stacked on top of each other in northeastern sky. There were seven circles or lights that blinked off once, then came on again, then blinked off and were gone. These lights were bright, brighter than any star, and the tracers were quicker than anything I have ever seen. For more detail go to Brian Vikes web page at:

Thanks to Filers Files and Brian Vike

Orange Lights In Sky

Kokomo, Indiana          Howard County          Sky: Clear with stars visible
March 29, 2006          9:19 PM          Duration: 20 Minutes

Two witnesses saw bright points of amber, orange light that separate like an accordion and then disappear after five seconds. I saw five of these tonight to the west with later sightings moving slowly north. Once we saw two sets of three lights simultaneously. My sister-in-law also saw one appearance. The sightings started at about 9:19 and lasted until 9:38 PM.

Thanks to Filers Files and Brian Vike

Multiple Lights In Sky

Marion/Sweetset, Indiana          Grant County          Sky: Clear with stars visible
March 29, 2006          9:15 PM          Duration: 20 Minutes

We were driving home on a back country road around 9:15 PM, I looked through the windshield to see two orange colored lights that were close together, and one other light that was half mile away. We were going about 35 mph at the time. I pointed them out to my husband and he saw them. We passed a clump of trees and the lights disappeared. We got to our apartment complex ten minutes later, and stood outside talking and saw three brightly colored orange lights very close together about 20 feet apart from each other. They blinked on one at a time, stayed lit for about ten seconds, and then completely blinked off. Further to the right were three more lights that lit up for ten seconds and then turn off.

They were a half a mile from each other at 100 feet altitude. We jumped into the van and chased these lights south down the back country roads. Three lights lit up to the left of our vehicle, and stayed three quarters of a mile ahead of us as we continued to follow.  We saw it light up again on the right side of our vehicle flying at about 45 mph. It stayed just barely in front of us with the same sequence of action. The last time we saw it light up, there was a set of three lights, with two additional lights ahead of them.  They all stayed about 100 feet off the ground, but there were numerous lights in too many different positions. After an hour, we came to a dead end and could not follow them anymore. The next night at 9:15 PM, my Husband, Stepson, and I, saw twelve orange lights come on with sparks shooting from behind them.  Then, more lights started to turn on. 

Thanks to Filers Files and Brian Vike

Tippecanoe County Sheriff Says Indiana Lights Are Flares

According to a HBCC Research web page: 

Contacting the Grissom ARB and asking about if they were carrying out any type of exercise that may account for the strange orange light sightings reported by many, they were told nothing pretty much. Yet the Lafayette (Ind.) Journal and Courier contacted the Tippecanoe County Sheriff and received information which said the lights to be flares from training exercises done at Grissom.

Please Note: The HBCC web site returned after a peroid of silence following the dates of these reports. The links used here do not now work for the referenced data. HBCC has apparently never recoved this back information.