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Updated May 21,  2008
Spherical Light Changes Size

Kokomo, IN
March 13, 2007Time: 4:00 pm

The witness reports witnessing a spherical white light the size of an apple traveling rapidly southward while waiting to turn onto US31 from the Kokomo hospital. The light increased to the size of a basketball, changed color to orange to green as it passed by the witness. Several blocks further south the light changed direction of travel to east near the Delphi plant. Witness has had several other sightings.

Indiana MUFON Report

First 2007 Report of Lights in North-Central Indiana Skies

Lafayette, Indiana
Tuesday April 24th, 2007     Time: 10:00 pm

Last night on the south side of Lafayette, Indiana I saw a triangle of lights in the southeastern sky.  Thinking they were planes which were too close for safety, I walked out in the yard to get a better view.  Suddenly I saw about five lights light up in the bottom half of what seemed to be a circled object.  I immediately ran in the house and told my husband to come out and look.  When I got back outside, the lights were on for about a 1/2 second and all went off.  With no doubt, this is something I have never seen before.  I realized I may have seen a unidentified flying object?  Below is an image similar to the lights I saw. 

                                                           Indiana MUFON Report

Boomerang; Opaque In Color and Silent

Indianapolis, Indiana
Monday, April 16, 2007    Time: Approximately 11:40 pm EST
Weather: Clear and starry

I was standing facing north on the deck at my home on the east side of Indianapolis. I was talking to a close friend on the phone when I noticed an inbound commercial aircraft coming towards me from the northeast on approach to Indianapolis International Airport. The air craft was at approximately 2000-3000 feet (we see a lot of commercial air traffic both inbound and outbound since we are inside the I-465 beltway). As I glanced up at the aircraft passing overhead, I noticed what appeared to be an opaque boomerang shaped object passing just underneath the commercial jet, moving south to north in a straight line, very quickly and quietly. The object was unlit and had no distinguishing markings. The shape of the object was a large elliptical with a round leading edge but trailing edge was semi-elliptical on each, side meeting in the middle. Compared to the size of the jet passing over, it was approximately 1/3 the size at that altitude, although I cannot determine the actual distance the object was from the aircraft. The color of the sky was a light bluish haze due to light pollution from the ground but the object was clearly visible. As the object quickly passed overhead just north of my home, it made a very sharp right turn at almost 90 degrees and sped off towards the east in the general direction of Greenfield, Indiana. I lost contact of the object due to extreme light pollution on the horizon in that direction. The entire event occurred in just a matter of seconds. 

I was somewhat shocked at actually seeing this object but I remained calm as I conveyed my experience to my friend on the phone.

Witness: Navy vet of 21 years. Missile systems operation, public affairs
Employed: Security 

Investigator Comment: Appearance of object was similar to lightly illuminated milk glass.

MUFON Report

Star-Like Object Disappears

South Bend, Indiana, US31 South
Friday May 4, 2007Time: 11:30 pm

We are from Louisville. My wife and I were driving to a house my family owns at a small lake in Michigan.  We were traveling north on Indiana US 31 at around 11:30 pm, and admiring the clear night sky.  The moon was to the south-east of us; what I was assuming was Jupiter was to our left; and appearing suddenly in front of us on the horizon was what I thought an unusually bright star or planet.  We talked about it for a couple minutes or so.  It was easy to constantly observe while driving because it was a stationary object in front of us, above the trees on the left side of the road.  As we were looking at it and discussing whether or not it was Venus, the light just turned off.  It looked as though an eyelid was closing over the light.  We were totally shocked.  It never reappeared.  As we drove further ahead we saw no towers, nor did we see or hear any helicopters in the air.  I'm curious if anyone else saw anything that night in Northern Indiana...

MUFON Report

Four Star-Like Objects Form Boomerang

Brookston, Indiana
Monday May 21, 2007Time: 10:15 pm

I observed four star like objects moving in the Southeastern sky last night at 10:15pm. They met and formed a boomerang like shape.  They brightened and flashed a few times before dimming, then resumed the light intensity of a star. They continued moving about the southeastern sky. Approximately fifteen minutes later the four objects reformed into a boomerang shape, rebrightened and resumed a bright orange intense light which flashed. It was followed by a thunder like sound this time. The lights then quickly dimmed and the four star like objects dispersed in a north-south direction.

MUFON Report

Slow Moving Object Just Over the Trees

Bloomington, IN
June 9, 2007Time: 5:00 am

Awaking in the morning I walked into the bathroom and went to turn on the light but the room looked like the light was already on. The light was coming through the window. Looking out the window I could see bright lights through the limbs of a very tall tree which was easy to see through. The light came from an object about 150 feet (approximately) from my window, 80 feet off the ground and moving very slowly to the  north just over the trees. There were two flashing round white lights on the back of an object. I could tell the shape of the back of the object best which boomerang shaped and it maybe tapering to a point on the front but the object was lit up so much I could not tell for sure. Lights on the flat bottom corners were arrow head shaped. There were illuminated panels or windows on the sides of the object. I could see a separation or space between the panels. I could see a shape on top that slanted down toward the front. The size of the object was that of a small to medium size airplane. This was a small craft, maybe forty feet wide.

I was trying to figure out what I was looking at, trying to make sense of this. Airplanes can not go this slow, have red and green lights and make a lot of noise. Helicopters make more noise than a plane. I was trying hard to make sense of what I was looking at. I did not see any red or green flashing lights. I also did not hear any sound of an engine. But there was an A/C unit running in the bedroom. I watched the craft fly slowly northward from behind the tree, into a clear area with no limb obstructions. The craft continued moving very slow northward. In a short distance it was just above the white pines on the other side of my driveway. At this time it went out of sight, only because it was just above the tree tops. If it would have been higher I could have seen it longer. I observed all I could for the time I had. Since I have seen this object I have felt different. It is hard to explain, but because it did not fit into anything I knew, then what do I say it was? I have not told my Kids yet, and do not know if I should. They are young and I am afraid they would be scared.

MUFON Report

Investigators Note: For the following three reports the space shuttle Atlantis and the International Space Station were over southern Indiana and the midwest on June 19th at approximately 10:30 pm EDT. Numerous other sighting reports of the shuttle and space station were made across the U.S. during this time.

The schedule for viewing the International Space Station may be found at:

Two Lights In Sky Traveling East

Shelbyville, IN
June 19, 200710:39 pm EDT

My wife and I had just looked at Jupiter to the south. As we walked back toward our
house I looked up and pointed out two "star" like objects noticeably moving east. Cassiopeia, and Ursa Major were visible, but not as bright due to hazy, sporadic clouds; one white light was lower and right of the other (my crude description would be they were about 3 inches apart; they stayed in same position as they traveled in northern part of sky west to east. At a casual glance they would have looked like stars. Through 12-50 binoculars they looked exactly the same; no strobes or color, and no sound. No details were visible even with binoculars; just two moderately bright white lights, moving steadily East. Viewing lasted 4-5 minutes, and my wife was with me. I went in and checked the time after the sighting and it was 10:39 PM.  I see many silent aircraft flights at night, and figure a lot is "Homeland Security" air patrols; this was nothing like high flying jets with their lights and strobes visible! Camp Atterbury Army Base, Edinburgh, IN is quite close, plus Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center is in southern Indiana, and Wright-Patterson is to the northeast. Our thoughts were some type of military flight, but it did not look like the usual ones we see nightly.  We watched this until the object/objects went from view still heading due east.

MUFON Report

Two Lights In Sky Traveling East

Loogootee, IN
June 19, 20079:34 pm  CDT

Tonight is a very clear night, and I was outside getting something from my car. I looked up at the sky to see if I could see anything that might resemble the Atlantis shuttle (it is on its way home this evening).  I noticed two white lights around 9:34pm (Central) which were moving from west to east in the distance over our back field. They were moving at a fairly fast pace, although I have no idea what their altitude was. They retained the same distance from each other, and eventually faded off into the distance beneath a low-lying cloud. I brought my family outside to see the lights, because they seemed very different from the obvious planes that were also in the sky.  There were no flashing red lights -
only the constant white light.  Martin county is very close the Crane Naval base, so we thought it may be military aircraft, but the constant distance between the two lights seemed too precise.  Maybe it was related to the ISS or Atlantis.

MUFON Report

Two Lights In Sky Traveling East

Francisco, IN
June 19, 2007Time: 9:30 pm CDT

About 9:30 pm was outside and looked up and noticed two star-like objects moving at the same speed. Moving almost in a straight line in east/southeast direction. First light was a bit brighter than the second. At arm's length, about 2-3 fingers apart or so, I didn't actually check at the time- I was still in amazement. There were no flashing and/or colored lights at all visible, only white light. I first saw them directly overhead and watched them travel off into the east where some trees blocked my view any further. The two objects appeared to stay the same distance apart the whole time I watched and were definitely headed the same direction. I had heard the next evening when I was telling someone else what I had seen and they had asked me if had seen the evening news... I can't find any news stories on this after the fact, but it sounded like I was not the only one who witnessed something odd in the sky that night.

MUFON Report

Two Lights In Sky Traveling East

Fort Wayne, IN
June 20, 200711:00 pm EDT

My daughter and I where in the backyard when from the West two moving lights in the sky. I asked her to look as they were moving West to East. The lights where to far from each other to be a single plane and it appeared to move too fast to be a blimp (the lights where too far apart even for a blimp.) As it moved closer I could just make out an outline of the front of the object. The front was about 20% longer than the distance between the set of two lights. I could not hear any sound from it over the highway in the distance. It continued to fly in a straight path as it flew over Fort Wayne and became dimmer and disappeared as it appeared to cross over I69.

My daughter and I tried as well to verify that stars disappeared as it came between them and our viewpoint. She and I both saw the stars disappear momentarily as it passed on one side of the object. So it appeared to be one solid object. If I was to guess it was flying at about 4000 ft high and appeared to be 500 feet long and maybe 60 feet wide. I wear glasses and my daughter dose not. It maybe was traveling 150 MPH. Pretty slow for two jets chasing each other (seeing two or more military jets is a common sight around Fort Wayne). The lights did not flash and were a slight golden white the one closest to us as it traveled from the west to east was brighter and more golden in color. This
was true even as it passed us and continued to travel east. 

Report currently being investigated.

MUFON Report

Narrow Hexagon Shaped Craft Flies Over Top of  Witnesses 

Greenburg, IN     Reported: July 8, 2007
Sighting Date: July 15, 2006Late Night

I was visiting my parents in Indiana and had brought a childhood friend along with me. When we arrived we visited my folks and then later met up with a cousin. We stayed the night over at his house and as it got later at night we decided to go outside where my friend and I were enjoying ourselves. When I noticed what looked like headlights very far off in the distance just above the tree tops. I got my friends attention and jokingly talked about the flying car in the movie Flubber starring Robin Williams.  It's quite a stupid movie but anyway the flying car off in the night sky was creeping very slowly maybe 10 mph toward us and was making no more than a quiet humming noise. We instantly knew this wasn't right. Nothing man-made is as quiet or able to move as slowly as this craft  without falling out of the sky. We got excited as we have both seen things before but nothing quite as up close and personal as this. The craft kept moving closer until it was just 75 feet (estimate )above us. It was shaped like a thin hexagon (six sided) in relation to its length; maybe 25-30' long and 10-15' wide.  There were 2 lights on the front of the craft placed basically just like a cars headlights. There were small steady red lights at the four other points of the hexagon except for the front. My friend was going to attempt to shine a flashlight he had at the object but I wasn't having anything of the sort (tempting unknown forces). So I smacked the flashlight out of his hand and quietly said "no" and we both stared slack jawed as the craft slowly flew away from us until it was out of sight. It didn't feel real. We just stood there for at least 15 minutes shaking our heads, wondering what had just happened. We have both seen things before but nothing like this. I'm not a conspiracy theorist at all. But this object screamed government influenced by higher technology.

The object was a thin hexagon, obviously 3 dimensional, black and smooth with well trimmed lines. Flawless, unlike UFO photos you see of strange shaped craft. There were no markings on the craft just smooth what looked to be black metal.

We are young adults of a reasonable intelligence and possess a fair amount of common sense. We had no adverse or positive reaction. It was as described. Knowing this is out there is  kind of a shock when you see it. 

MUFON Report

Shimmering, Needle-Shaped Object

Kendallville, IN
Date: July 4, 2007 Time: 10:30 pmDuration: 15 minutes

I was out on my deck looking at the sky. I saw a hot-pink, 
Shimmering, needle-shaped object in the Southern sky. 
The color was intense and really caught my eye. First I 
thought it was an airplane, or something. I kept looking at 
it and realized this wasn't an airplane. It remained stationary, 
but then at times it would make side to side movements then 
moved back to its original position. It remained vertical the 
entire time. I was exited and shocked, I didn't even think of 
getting a camera. It remained in the sky about 15 minutes. 
Then it slowly faded until it disappeared.

I put my finger close to my eye and measured the object about an inch. This is my second UFO sighting.
(Image is computer generation by witness spouse.)

Investigators Comments: Witness heard no unusual noises other than the fireworks at Wolcottville, Indiana the night of the sighting. The back porch of his home faces due "east." He viewed the image in the southern sky towards Kendallville through the top of two pine trees where there is a small gap. He stated "As I was watching the object I was completely in awe and feeling dumb-struck and it changed my mind about UFOs. My eyes were totally fixed on it and it would move a little ways from left to right then returning to the same spot in the sky. It repeated this about every 30 seconds and would continue repeating this movement again and again for the entire 15 minutes, until it faded out from the sides like it was moving away from me to the south."  He state he had no other unusual sensations. I believe the witness did observe something unusual. It was not conventional, had a long duration and had the un-natural movements. 

SSD's Comment:  We considered the possibility of this being the image of a laser light show view edge ways perhaps from the east or northeast of Kendallville. However the elevation was too high and the city too far. Also there was such event near the city that evening.

MUFON Report                                                 

Evening Triangle With Two Trailing Objects

Goshen, IN
Date: July 7, 2007Time: 7:30

My Father and I were in our swimming pool, when He noticed something flying in the sky. He Dad thought it might have been a bird or a jet airliner (He didn't have his glasses on). All he noticed was a circle of shaded light with some kind of square lines around it. Once my Dad pointed the object out to me, I saw (it) beyond the trees for about 15 seconds. It was a triangle about a centimeter long travel toward the northeast. My guess was that it was about 4,000 feet high. Trailing it were 2 black dots about 2x bigger than a period in this font. The triangle itself was glowing a dark yellow. The reason we lost sight of it was because it trailed above the trees, out of our sight. It was silent and moving maybe faster than a jet airliner. I didn't care for it at the time, and I continued swimming with my dad. But later the next day (today) my Mother convinced me to write this report. The picture shows how it looked; only the triangle was shorter and stretched out at the bottom 2 points. The trailing dots were as shown.

Investigators Note:  Witness verified triangle shape. Few triangles are report during daylight. Most are at night and very low to ground. No connection noted main triangle by the two trailing objects.

MUFON Report

Lights Appear Near Venus

Kokomo, Indiana
May 24, 2007Time: 9:25 pmHoward County

I was sitting in the Meijer parking lot 
in Kokomo, Indiana on May 24th. I was 
talking on my cell phone, facing west. 
It was about 9:25pm. I was looking at 
Venus, and it wasn't quite dark yet with 
a little cloud cover. All of a sudden a 
bright light appeared below Venus...
then it shot straight above Venus. 
Then five bright lights appeared in a 
diagonal line just to the right of Venus 
and the first light. I just knew it couldn't 
be planes or helicopters, balloons etc. 
I'm a photographer, and dropped the 
phone, and grabbed my camera. By the 
time I got out of the car they had 
disappeared. So I didn't get a picture 
at all. I had hung up on my girlfriend 
and when I called her back, I had to 
leave her a message on what happened. 
She got a kick out of it and I think she 
still has my message on her phone which 
also has the exact time. 

Only one of the six lights I saw moved. It moved from below Venus to a position above it, straight up and down. That light and the other five other lights just disappeared in an instant.

MUFON Report

Oval Illumination Appears On Digital Camera Image

Tipton, Indiana
July 10, 2007Time: 9:25 pm Tipton County

I'm a photographer and take quite a lot of 
storm pictures and sunset pictures, etc. I've 
been doing this for the last 30 years. On 
July 10, 2007, about 9:25 pm, I was taking 
sunset pictures from my deck. I was facing 
west, and there was a cloud. The sun was 
down on the horizon behind the cloud. I took 
10 to 15 shots. I came in and put the camera 
down. I was using my digital. I watched TV 
for about 2 hours, and then decided to look 
at the pictures before I went to bed to see if 
I got anything worth keeping. I wondered 
what in the world that big white spot was on 
one of the pictures. I loaded the pictures in 
my computer, so I could crop and zoom in on 
the subject. I also used a solarizing technique 
on it too (Image C). I do not remember seeing 
the object as I was taking the picture. It must 
have gone in and out real fast. I also have a 
picture that shows a little faint spot that might 
be the same thing behind the cloud, but that is 
very questionable. It was midnight when I 
found the light on the picture. I didn't go to 
bed till 2am and then couldn't sleep at all. I 
had a sighting on May 24th in Kokomo of 
lights in the sky. They  looked to be the same 
thing as this but not as close. When I look at 
the picture, I just can't believe I didn't see it 
through the viewfinder on the camera at the 
time I took it. It's so obvious. It's just weird, 
to see something two different times within 
weeks. Now I keep looking west at the same 
time every night, and have a feeling of being 
watched. I spend a lot of time now 
researching, that I didn't do before. 

Investigators Comments:  Images such as this are often 
attributed to saturation of the image registering charged 
coupled devices (CCDs) in digital cameras. Such do occur 
most probably in day time shots. This image however 
occurred in the late evening dimness and the camera was 
one used for professional photography and never showed
such an image in the past according to the witness. 
Digital cameras form the CCD matrix image into a 
serial data stream breaking the illumination into a 
number of serial segments, an indication the illumination 
was registered by the CCDs. Work in the 1960s and 70s 
by Trevor James Constable indicated such images as this 
were photographable by infrared film although they were 
entirely invisible to the human eye. Before one makes 
quick judgments research into such possibilities is in 
order. In this investigators opinion it is altogether 
possible this image is real, was registered on the 
CCDs of the camera and not visible to the human eye.  
In good probability this image is classified as unknown. 
For further information see the MUFON Case 
Management System.  

MUFON Report

Lights In the Sky Over North-West Indiana

Star Traveling North

Merrillville, Indiana
August 11, 2007Time: 10:00 pm CDT

I was sitting out side looking for shooting stars when I noticed a star that appeared to be moving north. At first I thought I was seeing things so I closed my eyes for about 10 seconds. The object moved and was not in the same area as I first saw it. I got my wife and she witnessed it also. She has never seen a shooting star so she wrote it off as just that. I told her shooting stars don't appear like that. I viewed this circle shaped object for approximately 5 minutes. The object was not flashing and did not change colors. The object could have been the International Space Station.

My mother in-law was also out side looking for shooting stars (she lives 30 minutes from us) and she stated she saw the same thing I did.

Investigators Note:  The International Space Station only travels west to south-east across the United States.

MUFON Report

Star Makes Sharp Turn

Lake Station, Indiana
August 11, 2007Time: 11:40 PM CDT

Was watching Perseid showers when we spotted an object in the cup of the big dipper. It looked like a satellite but changed direction and slowed down, it moved south to north then made a sharp turn to the east.

MUFON Report

Two Small Stars Meet

Cedar Lake, Indiana
August 12, 2007Time: Late evening

I and my wife were watching the evening news when the weather man said that there is going to be a meteor shower visible tonight. Curious, we when out and sat in our driveway watching the sky for meteors. After about 10 min. We spotted several meteors then we both noticed two small star like objects moving slowly toward each other, when they met they stopped moving for a few seconds then one of the objects seem to moved off in a 90 degree angle from its original path and the other one seemed to vanish. The objects were too high to be aircraft I thought maybe it was a satellite but after witnessing the strange pause and change in direction I discounted that idea. About three seconds after the first one vanished the second one seemed to vanish as well.

MUFON Report

Star Makes 90-Degree Turn

Spenser, Indiana
August 26, 2007Time: 2:00 am

I had just went outside to exercise my dogs. I was looking at the stars when I noticed what appeared to be a satellite traveling fast from the northwest, just above the southwest  horizon. I was facing east and as it approached my approximate "Two O'clock position" nearing the Southeast horizon; it abruptly made a "90-Degree" turn to the east and then diminished from my sight. 

MUFON Report

Curving Meteor with Tail

LaGrange, Indiana
Aug 31, 2007

Falling meteor like object fell 20 degrees above Big Dipper then suddenly curved slightly like tail, rising 6 degrees, and then disappeared instantly above the north western sky. I was the only observer. I saw this in my back yard watching for the meteor shower. There were two meteors 25 degrees to the left of this strange sighting I observed ten minutes earlier which behaved normally.

MUFON Report

Star-Like Objects Light-Up in Fireball Fashion

New Harmony, IndianaCounty: Posey
August 31, 2007Time: 9:00 pm

I was watching the Northern sky for unusual activity with two cameras ready to tape. At about 9 pm I saw a fireball burst due North of my position. Its duration was about 2 seconds. The light went off rather quickly, as if switched off. This was followed by 4-5 more similar sightings; all in the same general direction. They differed only around 20 degrees E or W from North. Two or so of the objects were about 10 degrees or less from the horizon. Others were approximately 45 degrees up and appeared to be quite close to my position. One seemed to be extremely close, possibly within 1 mile. Their color was a light orange/amber. The light was a combination of a pulse and a flicker, similar to the look of an arc welder. The size, when lit, is comparable to a high pressure sodium bulb (orange) viewed from a quarter mile alway. The lights exhibit different qualities. Some appear as very bright stars, and never do anything other than move slowly and disappear in either a slow fade or abrupt extinguishing. Some of these "bright stars" will move to a position and then "light" themselves. This is the most amazing aspect of these objects. If you were to be looking in any direction in a darkened sky, this light is so brilliant that it would be immediately obvious to the very periphery of your vision. I have seen these lights on about 9 occasions since the winter of 2005. Every single sighting has been in the same location, some in almost the exact part of the sky. The earliest was about 5:15 pm about a week after the initial sighting, also in the North. The latest I've noticed them is 11 pm, but I've not spent many late nights watching. There was once a large triangle formation and another time, a long string of seven lights in a perfect line, far in the distance-so far they appeared as one light to the naked eye. 

Witness Request: If anyone has seen any of the above in the southern IN/IL/KY area, please email Witness would like to set up a telephone/email alert notification system between sky watchers.

MUFON Report

Streaking Star

Monon, Indiana
September 1, 2007

I took the dog out for the last time tonight. I was looking at the star Polaris and out of nowhere I saw what appeared to me to be a light streaking across the sky from South to North. It was definitely faster than a plane. It was brighter than any shooting star I've ever seen. And it was also slower than any shooting star I've seen. I was standing on the deck in front of my house and it was NNE at approx. a 45-50 deg angle. My first thought was of videos of the Apollo or Shuttle spacecraft returning. My second thought was how much it looked like a rocket going through the sky. I saw no signs of a contrail of any kind.

MUFON Report

Star With More Than X10 the Brightness of Venus

Cicero, Indiana
September 12, 2007Time: 5:00 am

At this early morning hour a light in the sky was reported to Indiana MUFON near Cicero Indiana. The object was reported to be at least ten times the brightness of the planet Venus with the duration of the event lasting for an hour and 15 minutes. The object first appeared to be 45 degrees above the eastern horizon then eventually slowly moved slightly south to a point 70 degrees above eastern horizon appearing to move above a radio tower.  

MUFON Report

Strange Illuminated Beams Emanate from Hugh Cloud

Pulaski County
August 27, 2007Time: 11:00 pm

I stepped outside to take a look at the full moon and was surprised to see so many white fluffy clouds still floating around. The moon was behind one of these clouds so I stood waiting for while. The moon was full and giving off a lot of light even though it was behind a cloud. I could see the white and red flashing lights of at least six airplanes at different heights. Three going in a north direction and two were going toward the south. One was going in a south west direction. Then a beam of white light came through the sky from a very huge cloud different type of cloud. I couldn't see any structure just the beam coming from the cloud and then a second beam was coming from the cloud. The first beam lit on one of the planes going north then went directly to a second plane going north. The second plane turned toward the west and the beam went back to the first plane, which was pretty far away now and had climbed very high; at this point it was hard to make out the plane lights. The beam of light then immediately pulled off of that plane and went to a plane that was traveling south but climbing very high. The beam of light stayed on this plane until it climbed behind a cloud. I could no longer hear the plane as it had climbed too high and because of the cloud I could not see it. But the beam of light seemed to stay fixed behind the cloud. This beam then seemed to go out but left a trail of mist or vapor or something because after several minutes it began to break up and the beam was gone. The thing that got me was the beam of light, when on the airplanes, wasn't shining past the planes or beyond them. The second beam of light coming from this huge cloud was shining toward the south and upward on another airplane that moved out of my sight in just a couple of minutes. This plane seemed to be going straight up. This second beam stayed on that airplane until it to went out and left a trail of something misty like the first beam. These light beams coming from the same huge cloud came on at the same time and went out at the same time. I heard no sound from that cloud, but it was huge.

MUFON Report

Numerous Star-Like Objects Moving  in Glare Field of Sun

York TownDelaware County
September 2, 2007Time: 1:00 pm

I was standing in my back yard in the shade of a tree looking thru 7x50 binoculars for a jet that just passed over. In the glare field north of the Sun, a star-like object was moving rapidly North to South. The tree blocked the view as it moved south. I continued looking in the Sun's glare field which was difficult because you need to block the Sun in the field of view. Another star-like object passed near the Sun on the same North-South path. Because of the difficulty I decided to position myself inside the tree's shade line. This allowed me to carefully view in the Sun's glare field. For approximately 70 minutes, numerous star-like objects passed from North to South. They passed thru the Sun's glare field at about one per minute. They were usually single objects, occasionally two at a time, and three one time. Occasionally one of the objects would deviate from the North South track and go South East. On two occasions, a short vapor trail (contrail) appeared and quickly dissipated. The objects were not visible to the naked eye. I got my digital camera and took pictures of the viewing area. A few of the pictures show small white spheres at maximum zoom setting. There's no detail. The viewing conditions were excellent.....clear blue sky, no clouds or haze, very transparent atmosphere. I have spent many hours viewing the sky because of my interest in astronomy and aircraft. I have never seen anything like this. 

The Moon may be seen in the lower portion of photos. Copy and enlarge photos for better viewing.

MUFON Report

Star Changes Direction

Lake Station, IndianaPorter County
August 11, 2007

We were watching the Perseid meteor showers when we spotted an object in the cup of the big dipper. It looked like a satellite at first but then changed direction and slowed down. It moved south to north then, made a sharp turn to the east.

MUFON Report

Strange Moving Stars Meet

Cedar Lake, Indiana
August 12, 2007

We were watching the evening news when the weather man said that there is going to be a meteor shower visible. Curious, we when out and sat in our driveway watching the sky. After about ten minutes we spotted several meteors then we both noticed two small strange star like objects moving slowly toward each other. When they met they stopped moving for a few seconds then one of the objects seem to move off in a 90 degree angle from its original path. The other one seemed to vanish. The objects were high and I thought maybe it was a satellite. But after witnessing the strange pause and change in direction, I discounted that idea. About three seconds after the first one vanished the second one vanish as well.

MUFON Report

Dark Rapidly Moving Disk

Knox, Indiana    Stark countyWeather: Clear
Tuesday, October 30th, 2007Time: 5:30 pmDuration: Two minutes

I was unloading corn in the grain bin, when I looked up to check the sight glass at the top of the bin. That's when I noticed this object in the sky. At first I thought it might have been a helicopter. It was high off in the distance at first but all of a sudden it was over us at a lower level. That's when I realized it wasn't a plane or bird, it was a different object without sound. I yelled to my wife and mother look up "WHAT IS THIS THING?" It appeared to be a dark in color (brown/black), disc shape, flat on bottom. We watched it travel over us. It appeared at times to move or wobble to different positions, from flying flat to on edge. No dome or other features were seen. It made no sound or had any noticeable lighting. Its route of travel seemed to be from south to north. It all of a sudden rapidly took off in a northern direction. Total observation experience was approximately 2 minutes.

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Strange Beautiful Cloud with Small Darting Dark Objects

Westville, IndianaPorter County
Event Date: May 30, 2006Submitted: September 20, 2007

I was at home working on my artwork. There was a very bad thunder storm going on. When it was over I noticed the sun came out and thought it was in the right position for a rainbow. Instead I witnessed a beautiful cloud formation like I've never seen. I started taking pictures and didn't notice anything unusual until I downloaded them into my PC. That's when I noticed the small "UFO's" in many different positions in and around the cloud. I became very excited and maybe a bit scared. I figured right away they were  UFO's. I was snapping the pictures rather fast, not quite burst speed but fast enough to just focus. I took pictures until the cloud dispersed behind smaller cloud cover then went back home. I have shown them to a couple people and they believe as I do that the objects are not aircraft. The second picture is a cut-out of the first picture. 

The objects show as black fuzzy spots in the 
clouds but look like they do not belong there 
naturally. Like the objects are flying around 
and in and out of the cloud. My camera lens 
was clean and there were really no other lights 
to cause reflections or shadows. The area 
usually has heavy airliner travel but they 
can be seen clearly when they do. I have 
taken pictures of airplanes there and they 
show up very well as a aircraft. These are t
he original untouched except for the markers. 
That's why they are so large.

MUFON Report

Investigators Note: Associated U.S. Weather Bureau 
persons concurred such cloud formations occur but 
had no comment on their appearance over Indiana. 
There are altogether five different photos of this cloud 
supplied by the witness. This cloud pattern coincides 
with lenticular cloud patterns however such clouds are 
normally associated with mountains, and rarely with the 
flat planes of northern Indiana. The features seen in 
this pattern seem to occur in other lenticular cloud 
photos found on the internet. Then there are the small 
dark object like specks around the cloud seen at different 
locations in the five photos. For more photos and 
information click on the photo or this link!

Bright Light In Sky Grew Brighter

November 15, 2007                    Time: 10:00 pm
Greensburg Indiana                    County: Decatur

Coming home from work I noticed what looked like a very large star (several times larger). I then noticed it seemed to get to brighter. At that exact second it moved in a rather large "J" shape toward the horizon and then looked to slow down and flutter near the horizon and faded to black. When I first noticed it seemed to look like a large star. After I had seen it I was totally amazed that a shooting star could move like that. I am not so sure that's possible. I have over my 50 years seen several unusual shooting stars several times, large shooting stars, exploding, once seen a shooting star skip several times across the sky. I've seen shooting stars flutter to earth. Lost sight of this object as it faded to black near the horizon.

Dual Objects; One Flashing/One Descending

Middlebury, IndianaElkhart County
November 27, 2007Time: Approximately 9:00 pm

After I had finished watching a basketball game, I decided to head down stairs to do something else. As I passed by the back patio window that faces North, I glanced outside. In the Northeastern sky I noticed this really brightly dual flashing object (much like the strobe light on the top of a school bus). I watched it for several seconds to make out what it was and to determine its flight path. I couldn't. It seemed to be hovering or moving directly away from me to give the appearance of hovering. I asked my father who was still watching the game to take a look as well. He came over and thought it was strange not to see any indication of red flashing wing tip lights like on a aircraft. I stepped outside to get a better look and noticed another strange object in the sky further away that seemed to be descending straight down rapidly from a much higher more due east position. I almost thought this second object to be a falling star at first glance, but it didn't have a tail and didn't disappear after several seconds but continued descending. After watching it for several seconds it almost gave me the impression of a satellite, it was that dim and far away. It didn't seem to be in a free fall or burning up in the atmosphere as it descended, so my impression is that it was descending safely under its own power. This object had the same white flashing pattern as the first one but also had a dimmer solid white light as well. It was the very dim solid light that reminded me of a satellite traveling across the night sky. After about 4 to 5 minutes I had to close the patio door so I decided to go inside and get my digital video camera to see if I could get some video of the flashing lights. When I went back outside, the objects had both disappeared. This was after approximately two minutes or less that I was inside. 

It's a bit strange in another way because it was very clear outside and I can usually see up to 3 commercial jet liners at any one time using flight paths from O'Hare heading east. There was nothing else in the sky except these two objects during my viewing time. I went back out later and these commercial flights had again resumed at their normal (very high) altitude and flight paths. Note: It was suggested it might have been a helicopter, there were no such sounds but for the first object this could be a explanation.

Investigators Note: This sighting location is near the Indiana Toll Road and Michigan state line. At this time there are no other reports as reported here on the MUFON case management system, or other report sources.

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Moving Object Appears Rectangular Then Circular

Greenfield, IndianaHancock county
April 6, 2007   Cool clear night

I was amazed and stunned while going home from my daughters' house late Friday evening, April 6. I came to a stop sign at a "T" junction on an east-west county road. Looking northeast I saw a large white light shinning down on a tree at the edge of a wooded area east of an adjacent north-south county road a shot distance to the east. I felt something was strange about this since the beam immediately went off as soon as I stopped and the car and looked at the object. The object came across the adjacent road and across a field toward me. It never turned on any lights and appeared black, and rectangular in shape. It looked like it was going to come right over me when it stopped across the road from me and hovered. I was scared at this point and with my window rolled down I never heard any noise or engine. I was glad when it turned and passed slowly over the road at about 4-5 miles per hour moving westward. I was determined to get a better view so I raced westward to the next stop sign. The object was turning on side lights that looked like old round automobile lights but larger, white and blinked on and off in some kind of sequence. I could see a cloud or mist surrounding the object that was now circular and silver or gray in color. It had three lights on the side that I viewed and I would guess it to be 30 feet across. It appeared to be headed south towards highway US52. I watched it until it moved over the tree line and out of sight. 

I went home and called my sister and told her about the event. I called the local authorities the next day and spoke to the sheriff department. I was told no other reports were called in about the object. I was the only one on the county road at the time but there were other cars present on the road when the object passed over with the lights off. 

I was determined to find out what this object was so I reported it to the CIA, FBI and FAA. I was told that the military could not confirm or deny any object on radar. I believe the object fly under radar. It was low just above the tree tops. I believe it used the side lights as headlights to keep away from power lines, etc. 

I was always looking in this area to see if I could see any thing else. A couple of months later I saw three orange lights in perfect distance apart just above the tree line in the same area but south of the east-west county road. I never saw an object but I believe these lights were the same "side lights" I had seen on the object in April from the spacing and the large round lights. They were orange this time but it was around 4:30 pm in the afternoon. I was driving one afternoon and spotted a large reddish orange basketball size ball above the tree line in the same wooded area. I was coming home on a Sunday night about 8:00 pm when I saw a strange misty cloud over the same tree line area I first saw the object over in April. The misty cloud was hovering over the tree line when it suddenly shot to the east up into the clouds. This was in August I believe and was still somewhat light outside. I have never seen any cloud look or act like this one.

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Round Object with Flashing Lights Around It In Sequence

Rensselaer, IndianaCounty: Jasper
October 17, 2007Time: Not available

I was driving on I-65 near Indiana mile marker 189 right before a rainstorm. There was a round object off to the east maybe 500-700 feet, traveling slow & maybe 100-200 feet in air over an open field. I was on cell phone & my 17 year old daughter goes "Mom, what is that? Is that a UFO? Oh my God!". I almost wrecked my car but I described (the object) to my husband on phone; round with lights flashing around it & lights were like the color of halogen headlights, kind of bluish. We couldn't stop because of traffic, but it was moving slow & didn't jet off in a strange manner or anything. I told my daughter to take a picture with the digital camera. But it didn't look like anything that would be believable; she was so scared she deleted it. Very curious if anyone else saw anything?

Investigators Note: Witness choose not to be contacted. 

MUFON Report 

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Day time view of object location above foreground storage building. Image location from deck was taken a few feet to the right in this view. Power pole with transformer shows foliage opening to the left of poll in above image and to the right of pole in this image. Foliage directly behind building shows as part of foliage in center in above image. This image was taken to show deck railing. Photo by investigator.