North-Central Indiana Flap
April 2004
 April 16, 2004          Logansport, Indiana      Cass County      Duration: 15 Minutes

Bright Yellow-Orange Light In the SkySky: Clear

While sitting outside of our home, my wife and I as well as my Father-in-law were watching the kids play just after dark, approximately 8:15 PM. While talking I glanced up and noticed a bright yellow-orange light in the sky, appearing at about a 40 degree angle to the ground and at a hard to determine distance. The light was unmoving. Appearing to resemble a VERY bright star, or even a headlight on a car at a distance of about 12 to 34 of a mile. After about 10 seconds the light faded. As I continued to watch, the light slowly lit up, this time about 10-15 degrees to the NW of where it appeared before. At this time I brought it to the attention of my father-in-law and my wife who both witnessed the light. The light did not move while visible and once again the light faded after ten seconds, and failed to reappear.  The thing that I found most odd about this sighting is that it is the third time that I have witnessed this type of light. The first time was approximately 5 months ago with the same type of appearance and the second time about 2 months ago when there were 2 lights in close proximity to each other.  All sightings were in the same general area of the sky, SSW of our home.  After witnessing this third phenomenon, I was unable to explain it away and after reading of similar reports the following day in the local paper, I felt that there may be more to this than I previously thought.

WUFOD I..3-248

April 9, 2004          Walton, Indiana   Miami County   Duration: Under 1 Minute

Two Rows of Bright Orange Lights 

My husband and I were looking for our dog that had gotten hit by a car. As we were carrying him to the house that night, we looked up to the sky and saw two rows of bright orange lights appear and disappear. I screamed and then they reappeared in the same place and then they disappeared again. It looked like there were two jets flying around them. The Normal surrounding sounds were absent. We heard the loud noise of an approaching car on the road but there was no car.

WUFOD I..3-236

J1    April 10, 2004  Star City, Indiana   Pulaski County     Time: 10:00 PM   
   Duration: 31 to 60 Minutes

Red Globes; Hovering, Faded In and OutSky: Clear, windy

Last Saturday night at approximately 10:00 PM, I was walking the dog in front of my house. The dog starting acting like it was  scared. It kept looking at the field to the south and trying to pull  me north. I thought that it was the power lines in front of the house because they were clicking which I thought was odd because they normally just buzz a bit. Looking up at the power line I seen a bright spot that I thought was Mars until it went out. Then I noticed what appeared to be a red globe just appear about a mile south in the sky for about 30 seconds. Then it went out, then another one to the left appeared for 30 seconds. Then another to the left of that for about 30 seconds. Then 5 minutes later several jet aircraft were flying around. The jets were flying in a circle of about 10 to 20 miles. Five minutes later the lights in the sky did the same thing. Then the jets would come back. Then the lights came back on. Then jets came back and stayed around for while and I didn't see the lights anymore. Today on the radio they announced there was an investigation of strange lights in the sky.

Investigators Note: Witness verified Jet aircraft were making a normal sound.

WUFOD I..3-242

E1    April 8, 2004  Plymouth, Indiana    Marshal County     Time: 10:00 PM
Duration:  2 minutes
Five or Six Balls of LightSky: Partly cloudy

South of Plymouth, IN, while driving on Muckshaw road close to 14B road. It was off in the distance to the south, may 10 or 15 miles.  There were 3 orangeish-red balls of light in a row.  They disappeared, then reappeared in a different location.  Then it looked like they split into 5 or 6 of the same balls of light.  Then they disappeared again, and that was it.

I had a friend with me at the time.  He saw the same thing.  A co-worker of mine also saw it from a different location.

Investigators Note:  There was an electrical power interruption associated with this sighting and a cell phone failure. Being taken back by what they was seeing, one the second men tried to call his parents home to which they were traveling and which was located about one mile west of their current location. He quoted "My father answered the telephone and we could hear him clearly, but he could not hear me. After the incident when we arrived at my parents home, my father told us he could not hear me at his end of the phone although I had head him clearly in the car. At the same time as my cell phone call, the lights began to flicker in the home, located a mile from the sighting location. This presents an occurrence where electrical EM failures occurred at a secondary location remotely located from the prime sighting location.

A1   April 8, 2004   Rochester, Indiana   Fulton County     Time: 10:00 PM
Duration: 1 Minute
Lights In a Row South of Home Sky: Clear

Fulton County Sheriffs Dept 
Statement; 4-8-04 10:00 PM:
When my granddaughter and
 I arrived home.  We saw a 
saucer-like object in the sky 
hovering over the tree tops 
approximately 300 yards 
south of my house (guessing 
on distance). There were 
three lights - a gap in 
between and then another 
set of three lights. It was 
humongous and the lights 
looked like stadium lights. 
The lights were on for 
approximately 20 seconds and then they went off. We waited approximately 20 sececonds and they came back on. They stayed on for 20 seconds or so and the craft s-l-o-w-l-y started moving in a NE direction, and as it did this the lights went out. We had been on the NW corner of my house watching so when the object started to move, we ran to the East side of the house to see it and it was gone- OR, the lights were out and we just couldn't see it. We called the UFO Center in Seattle Washington, and as we were on the phone my house lights dimmed four times. The agent said to e-mail them a report immediately. In doing so, we had it all typed up but my computer read "Difficulties-try at a later time" I retyped it the following morning and it sent the message. While being on radio station at ten this morning reporting what I saw, three other calls came in from people saying they saw it also. My neighbor who heard us on the air called me later and said they experienced some electrical problems at about the same time this occurred. I have also received 2 other calls at home saying they saw it also.     

Description:  We could only see the front side where the lights were. We could make out a line of a body below the lights but could not see the rest of the object due to darkness.

Secondary Police Report Sightings to This Report; Fulton County Sheriffs Dept Statement:  
Incident No, 210761 Date: 4-12-04 Time: 16:51; Ref the UFO from last Thursday. 
She wants to report that she saw it also.

Incident NO: 210666   Date: 4-10-04   Time: 13:15   She also seen the UFO on Thursday 
 eve about 23:00 HRS. It had several big yellow lights. When she started to look at it, it 
then disappeared.

UFO Evidence article 43 Report

Investigators Comments: 
We consider this sighting to be of unknown origin. We had several higher than normal or strange EM Tesla meter readings at several locations. One at the approximate location were we were able to determine the object was located: i.e...Object was over this location. One of these high readings is associated with what appears to be an unusual rock outcropping located on the high bank of the Tippecanoe River. Two things to note about this outcropping. We feel it be unnatural and may relate to phenomena which in the last few years we have come to associate with ancient Indian artifacts. More specifically ancient Indian mounds. Found by the hundreds in patterns in Indiana, Ohio and Illinois, these mound locations do seem to coordinate with UFO sighting locations. While we found no such mounds to date in the north/central Indiana area, this outcropping (about 12 feet by 3 feet) is the only concentration of rocks in the area with the exception of the few other rocks scattered around.

There was also a rather unusual occurrence with recording equipment at one site location. A professional video recorder gave a buzz at one point on play back similar to that which can occur in equipment with electrical alternating current (AC) ground loop problems. A second audio tape recorder picked up the same buzzing at that location. However once out of that particular area the equipment worked fine. The nearest power electrical lines were about 300 yards away and the equipment worked fine up at the house. The EM meter did not detect any energy in that area. We thus had somewhat of a mystery which looks to be associated with "AC" power when the equipment was powered by direct current voltage (batteries).

B1   April 8, 2004   Rochester, Indiana   Fulton County      Time: 10:00 PM
Duration: 1 Minute
Lights In a Row South of Home Sky: Clear

While watching television a 
family of three observed what 
appeared to be a series of 
lights through their large living 
room window at approximately 
10:00 PM. Through the window 
they observed the lights to be 
three sets of two lights in a 
straight row, rectangular in 
shape and illuminated like 
a house window. The lights appeared to be part of a dome shaped object hovering about 100 yards south of their house, across the road and over a low ravine, treed area. The lights went out for and then turned back on and then disappeared. The object was below the tree line and behind a dead tree trunk which extended up with a "Y" crotch. No sound was head. The family reported they did not leave the house due to excitement and apprehension. 

Investigators Notes: Sighting "B" was about four and one-half miles west of reported sighting "A". The location is about 15 miles north-west of Rochester. We interviewed the mother and son witness on April 17. The ravine area where the object was reported to be was on the south side of an east-west road. The ravine was a low drainage area for the high field to the south which surrounded it, leading down to a road side ditch. The soil content in the lower ravine was moist and sandier that the clay field soil to the west and south which was higher. The witnesses were able to locate the lights between two trees (photo) at an approximate distance of 100 yards. The location is about 40 yards to the west of the yard of an adjacent neighbor's home situated on the hill to the east. The neighbors have gone for several weeks and there was nothing unusual noted about the property. We searched the field in addition to the ravine area with no unusual findings. The ravine area did show a high Tesla EM meter level but the field soil was normal. A soil sample was taken from the ravine along with two control samples from the field. 

A second finding in the field was an unusual large potato size oval rock. This rock had three circular half-inch holes which appeared to be drill into it, one on top and two on the bottom. Later examined by a Geologist, the rock was found to be of common structure and identified to most likely be a Native American tool; perhaps for grinding grain, etc.

There was one unusual finding that appears to be associated with this sighting. A young kid goat that was born blind this spring (confirmed by area goat raisers) was located in a pen with other animals about 60 yards north-west of the house. The pen was visible from the UFO location. After the UFO event this kid was confirmed to be able to see and was very active. These observations were made about two days after the sighting (A kid born blind is not unusual, however to regain eyesight is very unusual). In a sad follow up, this little kid disappeared about three weeks after the UFO event and it's mother died a few days after the disappearance.  

Investigation by Steven Hile

F2  April 10, 2004 Denver, IndianaMiami County10:00 PM

Craft Hovers Over Pond

A husband and wife couple near Denver had no idea what neighbors to the north were experiencing when they saw a large craft hover over the pond behind their house around 10 p.m. the night April 10th. They know it was that time because a television show had just ended and it was time to take the dog outside. That task was delayed as the couple saw, first from the patio door on the right side of the living room in their home, what looked like two rows of lights, like two planes flying together. Then they saw the object out of the patio door to the left side of the room, indicating it was closer and low to the horizon. "We were both looking out, and there were six to eight lights in a row on this very, very large object," said the husband. He could see the curved top structure and lights on the object. He noticed that it obscured the lights in the distance behind the object so there was a definite structure to the object. He said, "Living north of Grissom Air Base, we thought it was one of those big jets. ... But there were two things wrong with the picture. It was very low in the sky, and it wasn't moving. And it was hovering over the top of our pond only 40 to 50 feet up, and 150 feet away."  The lights did not light any other object in their viewing area. After walking back to the other patio door to see it from another angle, it disappeared, just like the lights were turned off.  He checked with his neighbors but they had not notice anything.

Investigators Notes: 
It is curious that the husband did not go outside to have a better look, perhaps he was afraid. Soil samples were tested. No anomalous radiation was detected at the site however some magnetite is in the soil.  The TV program UFO Hunters later did a presentation on this event. 

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